I'm Swagato Basu.
A Product Designer
based in Chicago, Illinois.

With 5+ years of experience, I am a result driven UX Designer with a track record of increasing user satisfaction, reducing user error rates, and improving the usability of digital products. In my 5+ years, I have led user research, redesigned product experiences, and collaborated with cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions. in the domains of Fintech and Software development while working in an agile environment.

➡️ Currently pursuing my MS in Human Computer Interaction at DePaul University.


A generalist designer with a focus on user experience and product design with skills in over 4 different fields of design.

Product Design

With being skilled in product design, I specialize in creating user-centered experiences that seamlessly combine practicality and visual appeal, aiming to enhance engagement and drive the success of products.

Design System

Experienced in crafting design systems that promote consistency and efficiency. I specialize in creating frameworks that streamline workflows and enhance user experiences across various projects.


Skilled at rapidly translating ideas into interactive prototypes, enabling quick validation of concepts and refining user flows to ensure a smooth and intuitive experience.

UX research

Experienced in diving deep into user behaviors and needs, utilizing qualitative and quantitative research methods to inform design decisions and optimize user satisfaction.

My Dribbble

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This is what people say about me

Here are a few lines from people who I have worked with in my design career.

Having collaborated closely with Swagato as our group's user experience designer, I witnessed his knack for transforming requirements into exceptional user experiences. He consistently demonstrated proactivity and a willingness to tackle any task with enthusiasm and diligence.
Pratyush Raj
Product manager
Swagato impresses as a quick learner, adept at grasping requirements swiftly and translating them into engaging user experiences.
Kshipra Dubey
Senior QA Engineer
Swagato consistently delivers creative concepts and exceptional user experience designs, demonstrating a keen ability to grasp concepts swiftly and produce high-quality wireframes efficiently. His contributions to our mobile application project were instrumental from inception to completion, showcasing his talent for crafting standout products.
Poojitha Nandakumar
Senior Visual Designer

Let’s talk business

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